Icebox Jam is a proud member of the Specialty Food Association

What is Freezer Jam:

Freezer Jam is an exciting burst of fruit taste made from only wholesome fresh ingredients.  Freezer jam is never cooked down.  Cooking down jam robs it of its fresh fruit of flavor and color.  Instead, our Freezer Jam is made fresh from old farm recipes and frozen down below zero Fahrenheit to preserve the natural taste, texture, and color of the ingredients.   Our freezer jam is manufactured in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the New Jersey Department of Health within a DOH certified kitchen. 

How do you enjoy Freezer Jam:

Individuals have often asked us how our Freezer Jam is consumed.   Freezing is nature's pause button and freezing our jam preserves the fruit taste.  There are no artificial preservatives in our Freezer Jam.  When you are ready to eat our Freezer Jam remove the jar from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator until thawed.  Once thawed, you may enjoy your freezer jam in a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.  Your Freezer Jam can be heated and drizzled on waffles and ice cream or used as a glaze on meats and fish.  Our strawberry freezer jam can be immediately used in your strawberry shortcake, and our red raspberry freezer jam can be baked into your shortbread cookies.  Follow our Facebook page for exciting new recipes.

Our jams will stay fresh in refrigeration for about 30 days, with our berry jams lasting a little less and our apple jams lasting a little longer.  Therefore, if you don't believe you will eat all of your jam before 30 days, simply thaw the jam, spoon some jam into your own container and refreeze what is left in the jar.  An alternate way to save your jam for later is to thaw the jam out and spread the jam into an ice cube tray.  Refreeze the ice cube tray and thaw out a cube or two at a time when needed.

Undissolved Pectin

From time to time undissolved pectin can be found within the jam. These are in the form of small off color balls which sometimes form when the pectin hits the ultra cold mixture. If you discover undissolved pectin, simply remove it from the jam and discard. The pectin is all natural and not harmful.    

Remember, when you receive your freezer jam, either place it in your freezer until ready to use, or place it in you refrigerator.  Freezer jam should never be stored outside of refrigeration.